Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you getting your information about the breweries?

We are collecting all of this information in a database we created from scratch. Roughly once a month, we go through each entry and make sure it is up to date. Once a new brewery is open to the public, we add it into the app as quickly as we can.

You'll notice that some breweries also include a "hero" image at the top of their listing. All of those photos were taken by us as we've visited them. If you've got a better image and you wouldn't mind letting us use it, let us know!

You are missing a brewery, how can I let you know?

First of all, the purpose of this app is to help people find breweries which include a taproom or are otherwise open to the public for a tour. There are many incredible production breweries and nano breweries in the state which do not have this type of public access, so we have decided to not include them in the app at this time. This would include breweries such as Cosmos, Joseph Wolf, Mantorville, and Olvalde.

Secondly, there are some brewpubs which are part of a larger national chain of breweries (such as Granite City and Rock Bottom), or have multiple locations in general (such as Nutmeg). We are not currently equipped to handle multiple locations of the same brewery. In the case of Granite City and Rock Bottom, we've kept them out altogether, and in the case of Nutmeg, we kept the original location inside the app. If you want us to include these types of breweries inside the app, let us know and we will consider adding this capability in the future if the demand is high enough.

If you have a brewery which does not fit into the exceptions outlined above, please e-mail us here with the subject "Report Inaccurate Info" and we'll get it added as fast as possible.

I've noticed that some information about a brewery is out of date (such as operating hours and location). How can I let you know?

You can e-mail us here with the subject "Report Inaccurate Info" and we'll get it fixed as fast as possible.

You are missing a beer, how can I let you know?

Our source for finding beers is Untappd. When we ask Untappd for a list of beers for a given brewery, they return us a list of 40 seemingly random beers. In my testing, it looks like they are at least 40 of the most recently updated or modified beers, but that can leave out some of the classics (for example, when loading Summit, they've occasionally not returned "Extra Pale Ale").

I've tried to find a way to request all of a brewery's beers, but there is currently no way to do this. I will continue to try to make this part of the app better, but until Untappd gives us a way to do that, the way we're currently doing it is the best we can do.

How much does the app cost?

It costs absolutely nothing to download and use.

First and foremost, we didn't make this app to bring in a ton of money. It was a tool that we wanted to have for ourselves, and we figured the Minnesota craft beer community would also find it useful, so we offer it up to you for zero dollars.

We make money from the app in two ways:

  1. We offer the ability for you to leave a "tip" inside the app of $1, $4, $9, or $100. All of that money goes towards continuing to keep the app updated with new features, as well as the time it takes to keep the information inside the app up-to-date.
  2. If you or your business are in the market for mobile app or web development services, take a look at our company and consider hiring us to build it out!

Why am I getting an error saying that I can't load any beers from Untappd?

We communicate with Untappd using an API. This API is limited by Untappd to 100 requests per hour per user. Each time you load a brewery page inside the app, we make 1 request to get an updated list of beers. After 100 requests, the API simply stops returning responses to us until an hour has gone by.

In normal usage of the app, you should never run into any issues with this limit. If you do happen to run into this issue, just wait for an hour or so and your usage will reset.